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Texts + Talks

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They represent scholarly writing, essays, exhibition + catalogue texts, reviews, research reports as well as more experimental texts.

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Recent Talks

Knowledge from the Invisible

Part of Open Programme 2021, Art/ Tought/ Sound/ Porto 11 March 2021

Listening as Strategy for Research for and from the Arts

Talk for the Rhythmic Music College | RMC Copenhagen, Online open Lecture, 2 Feb 2021

Silenced Noise

Lecture as part of Aesthetics of Noise Department of Digital Humanities, Kings College London, 24 Feb 2021. Respondent Hugo Esquinca.

The Political Possibility of Sound as part of Unthinking Unlearning

UDK and Klammklang label, HSE Art and Design School, Moscow the Universität der Künste Berlin. 15 May 2021

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Care-full Listening
Artist-writer talk with Mikhail Karikis at Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania,10 Dec 2020

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