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This page links to a selection of text and talks on academia.edu.


They represent scholarly writing, essays, exhibition + catalogue texts, reviews, research reports as well as more experimental texts.

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Recent Talks

Knowledge from the Invisible

Part of Open Programme 2021, Art/ Tought/ Sound/ Porto 11 March 2021

Listening as Strategy for Research for and from the Arts

Talk for the Rhythmic Music College | RMC Copenhagen, Online open Lecture, 2 Feb 2021

Silenced Noise

Lecture as part of Aesthetics of Noise Department of Digital Humanities, Kings College London, 24 Feb 2021. Respondent Hugo Esquinca.

Care-full Listening
Artist-writer talk with Mikhail Karikis at Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania,10 Dec 2020

On Space and Sound: Study Day for Displaying, Collecting and Preserving Sound PiecesContemporary Art Society,Tate Britain, 27 Oct 2016