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paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song

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'paint your lips while singing your favourite pop song' is a compilation album featuring eight pieces based on scores written for each artist by Salomé Voegelin. It includes work by Siavash Amini, claire rousay, Rie Nakajima, AGF (Antye Greie), Arturas Bumšteinas, Rebecca Lennon, Rhodri Davies and KMRU and was released in January 2022 by Flaming Pines.

The Album launched on the 27th January at Café Oto features sets by KMRU, Arturas Bumšteinas, Caroline Kraabel and Sharon Gal set amid spoken scores by Voegelin, as together we explored the possibilities of words, sounding and processes of improvisation.

Listen to an interview with Salomé Voegelin about the album on the The Maximum Reinhardt Show 25.01.2022.

“I write scores to get into conversation with human and more than human things, while staying by myself. I use words to trigger an exchange that includes, beyond words, the doing, listening and sounding to and with things. My starting point is private and intimate, quiet mainly if not mute, and felt rather than heard. From there the speaking of words expands the feeling into doing, which as listening and sounding takes a contingent shape that meets that of others and other things, listening and sounding too. Thus on the basis of odd and private imaginations I start to make a shared racket and a space of things that narrate their own instructions.” --- Salomé Voegelin.


Points of Listening

Points of Listening (PoL) is co-convened by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright in association with Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP), University of the Arts, London.


It began in 2014 and continues as an ongoing project of collective listening and sound making situated at the intersection of sound arts, participatory practices and education.

PoL is an expanded space for practice and research that facilitates experimental workshops and discussions with a participatory and performative emphasis. Events are open to the public and held at London College of Communication in addition to various locations, outdoors and indoors, throughout the city.

A Sound & Text Installation made in collaboration with Lisa Hall. Exhibited at Translating Ambiance, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne, Australia in August 2019

The work negates the ability to record nature from outside. Instead it wills entanglements in roots and leaves, on moss and air, and by the long grass and the thistle. It insists on our being together and of each other in a co-dependent interbeing, rather than allowing for the separation of being nature or being human.


And it tastes like hair

the precarious lives of hummingbirds and the sound proofing qualities of ceiling tiles to

ensure privacy and the right to speak

Performance with David Mollin and Jan Schacher, at OOR, one’s own room, Zürich, May 2019


Melbourne SoundWords

A phonographic writing project convened by Salomé Voegelin in collaboration with Catherine Clover for Liquid Architecture 2014.

Melbourne SoundWords forms a guest edition of a regular blog SoundWords, which attempts to write about sound and the listened to without simply relying on adjectives and adverbs, (loud, quiet, noisy, harsh) but by expanding and inventing words and their use, to accommodate the invisible ephemerality and passing nature of sound. 


Ora: voyages into listening and writing

Between 2013-2015 Salomé Voegelin collaborated with writer and curator Daniela Cascella, to produce monthly radio programmes between texts and sounds.


Every episode hosted a debate and went on a voyage with guests, words, and sounds, compositions, recordings, voices and silences, to encounter a number of issues in the current discourse on listening


These were broadcast every last Thursday on Resonance 104.4 FM and digital archived on


ora: hour, pray, speak, now, aura; insight, disorder, conversation, enquiry, doubt.